About The Poltergeist Of Cock Lane

Set in London in 1762, The Poltergeist of Cock Lane is a new musical that tells the true story of the strange haunting of a run-down property in the heart of the city.  Unscrupulous landlord Richard Parsons is charging people to enter his house to hear the noises a ghost makes, while his daughter Elizabeth appears to suffer as the ghost draws its energy from her.  Interest in the haunting grows, until grieving widower William Kent attends and tries to expose his old landlord as the cheat and liar that he knows him to be – but the poltergeist makes the shocking accusation that it is the ghost of William Kent’s wife, Francesca, and that Kent murdered her.  The resulting investigation draws in some bizarre characters from Georgian London, and the tale twists and turns between the comedic, the dramatic and the romantic.  This was the only time in British legal history that a court was called upon to decide if a ghost was real or not.  With songs that capture the strangeness of the story and the madness of those times, and the drives and the pressures the main protagonists were under, The Poltergeist of Cock Lane is a musical journey into the crazed heart of Eighteenth Century London.

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